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on 7/8/11 4:55 am - Adrian, MN
Anyone know if AFLAC short term disability covers time off from work for weight loss surgery?
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on 7/8/11 5:45 am - Lancaster, OH
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What does AFLAC say when you call and ask them?
on 7/8/11 6:44 am - Adrian, MN
I havent called yet. I thought I would check here first to see if anyone had any experience with them.
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Janine P.
on 7/8/11 7:30 am - Long Island, NY
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I called AFLAC before my DS and they do *NOT* cover for any surgery that is knowingly planned (ie: not an emergency).   One of the first questions they asked is "Do you have any planned surgeries within the next year?" I said "Yes" and they said I wasn't eligible.  The "news" of the surgery has to come AFTER you sign up.  If you already know about your surgery (which you obviously do) you are not eligible for coverage.


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on 7/8/11 9:18 am - Brant Lake, NY
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 I don't know about AFLAC, but we have Combined Life, and they paid me $2500 after my surgery, but I've had their 'illness' policy for 3 years, which puts me past the "we don't pay if you have surgery for a prior condition in the first year" clause. Oh, and because I went to the doctor right after I lifted teh headstone off of my neighbors daughter (and that's when my hernia became really apparent) they are covering that under my "accident" policy. 

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on 7/8/11 10:37 am
I've had AFLAC STD for several years and I think I got $200 or something like that for my 8 weeks with my DS.

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on 7/8/11 11:45 am - Orlando, FL
I have AFLAC hospitalization, accident, cancer, and short term disability policies through my employer. The hospitalization policy paid $500 for the surgery itself and $500 per day for the hospital stay. The short term disability benefit varies based on your income, but they paid me for 1 week; at 2/3 of my gross pay (I was out of work 3 weeks but my policy has an exclusion for the fist two weeks...each STD policy has different parameters). They would have paid me for longer if I had documentation that I needed to stay out of work (I chose to go back when I did).

If you already have the policies, they will pay just fine; the worst they would make you do is get a letter from your doctor that surgery is medically necessary. As someone said above, if you are already planning surgery and have seem the surgeon, it's too late to get the policies now if you don't have them.

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on 7/9/11 10:42 am - Puyallup, WA
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If you already have AFLAC, your hospital plan will pay $xxx per day for hospitalization.

If you already have disability, they may, but you need doc signature on the form to get it.

If you don't already have the policies, see below for what someone said. I already had policies in place, so was able to get the disability on even surgeries I scheduled. Not WLS (that was a million years ago), but eyes, and other minor stuff.

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