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Cheating on pre-op diet? Help!

on 4/21/12 4:43 pm - kihei, HI
Did any of you ever cheat on your 2 week preop diet?  If so what happened, did the surgeon turn you away.  I am afraid I will not be able to do it.
on 4/21/12 4:55 pm
VSG on 04/10/12
Personally I did NOT but ya know what?


:) do with that what you will, best case scenario you stick with it, they're putting you on it for a reason.

Best to you!

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on 4/21/12 5:03 pm - MA
I have not cheated on the pre-op diet, been doing it a week so far and have one week left. My understanding is the purpose of the pre-op diet is to shrink your liver and make the surgery less complicated. My surgeon put it this way: if cheating on your pre-op diet is worth potentially enlarging your liver to the point you may need an open procedure, that's your choice.
My surgeon had a patient that happened to. For me, it's not worth it. It's been very hard, but not impossible and I just think of it as further preparing myself for challenges I will face post-op. HTH


on 4/22/12 12:38 am - Lockport, IL
VSG on 04/16/12
I cheated and my surgery went very smoothly. I kept my cheats to a minimum and did not have any sugar. I lost 6 lbs in the 2 weeks prior to the surgery. My surgeon asked me on the morning of the surgery how my pre-op diet went. I told him the truth and he seemed fine. Good Luck, Sharon 




on 4/22/12 12:44 am
VSG on 03/29/12 with
How much cheating are we talking here? I think a lot of people end up giving in and having one or two things during the preop diet that they know they should not be having. IMO, as long as it's just a once or twice thing, and doesn't become an every day thing, or even an every-other-day thing, it should be okay. Just make sure you are drinking plenty of extra water after to flush out any extra sodium and such, and get right back on track.

Good luck!

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